About Us

Michael Shand is Christchurch born and bred. After graduating from the Otago School of Dentistry in 1978 he practised in Cambridge in the UK for 4 years. His 5th year after graduation saw him back in Christchurch working in the Christchurch Hospital as an emergency dentist. He gained more experience in handling extractions and dental trauma than most of us can imagine, but the skills he gained in putting people at their ease as he checks out and repairs their teeth has been invaluable. His calm manner always shines through and you can be certain of getting the best treatment available, even if you can't think straight when you're at the dentists.

Michael joined Riverside Dental in 1985 and has continued to develop his communication and problem solving skills with Shoreline Toastmasters. He is a former president of the Christchurch branch of the NZDA (New Zealand Dental Association).

Michael is a keen kayaker, and completed the Speights Coast to Coast in 2012.

Micheal Shand kayaking on the Waimakariri near Christchurch